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Troubleshooting Tips

Can't log-on? It may be because of a pop-up blocker or firewall.

  1. Pop-Ups: Our website uses Pop-Up windows in important places, such as the Log ON page. If you've had problems getting our Log ON page you may have a Pop-Up blocker or Firewall that could be suppressing our Pop-Up windows. We understand the desire to block Pop-Up advertisements, but Pop-Ups are necessary for the correct working of SBDS.

    Pop-up blockers or firewalls may be available from many sources and applications (internet providers, xxxx, etc.). If you have a Pop-Up blocker, or firewall on your computer, you may want to consider disabling it while using our website, or contacting the respective company to learn what settings you can change to allow our Pop-Up windows to appear successfully. Keep in mind that you can have more than one Pop-Up blocker on the computer.

    Try clicking this button if you think you are having problems because of a "Pop-Up blocker":

  2. Firewalls: Firewalls do their jobs very well, so well that they can block some of our cookies from reaching your computer. If you are experiencing issues receiving Pop-Up windows, loading pages, or getting "error on page" alerts, this may be related to your Firewall/Pop-Up settings. We suggest that you contact your Firewall company about how to allow our cookies and Pop-Up windows to reach your computer. We also recommend checking your browser's version and cookie configurations as they both play an important role on our website.

  3. Cookie Configuration: Please make sure your browser has been configured to accept cookies as you will not be able to Log On if this feature is not enabled. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer that work with your Web browser to facilitate your logins.

  4. Java Script or Active Scripting: Please make sure your browser has been configured so that Java Script or Active Scripting are enabled.

Finally, if you have checked the above items and are still unable to get logged into SBDS, you may .....